The Story Behind the Bronto Name

Often when I talk about the company to a group of people, I inevitably get the questions: Why Bronto? What’s the story behind the name?

Sometime ago one of our prospects emailed me the same question. To settle some of the curiosity out there, I thought that it would be helpful to share my email response below.

Fortunately, the situation for bronto named dinosaurs has improved since my email response. Making up for the Brontosaurus being discredited, a palentologist discovered a new dinosaur and, earlier this year, applied the bronto moniker to it. Brontomerus. The name means “Thunder Thigh” in Greek. Hilarious! Also love how the Brontomerus is kicking butt in its wikipedia pictures. Awesome!

Paleontologist Mike Taylor, we salute you!


Hi Eliana -

I am the founder and CEO of Bronto Software so can provide some insight
into the name Bronto. I named the company after my childhood love for
dinosaurs while bootstrapping the company out of my spare bedroom many
years ago. As a 7 year old, I loved dinosaurs, in particular the
Brontosaurus, so when given the chance to name my own company, I
couldn’t resist.

Yes … it is true that in many ways bronto is not the ideal name for a
technology company. Brontosaurus is an extinct, plant eating, and
supposedly had a brain the size of a pea creature. And, in most
drawings, it is often on the verge of being eaten by a t-rex. Also, the
brontosaurus is mislabeled. It didn’t exist and was later
re-categorized as a different dinosaur. In the race for discovery,
paleontologist had the wrong head on it and erroneously labeled it as a
brontosaurus … which my 9 year old niece told me about (to my
surprise) a couple years after starting the company. Read this article.

Despite all this, Bronto is really a great name and embodies our
humility in humanizing technology and software. We are committed to
making our customers better marketers and have embraced this simple
principle in our product and service. Because of the paradoxes in
having a name like Bronto, it keeps us approachable and real. So,
hopefully you’ll have a chance to see what Bronto makes different and
why we embrace its name and ideals. Plus, the name gives us the
opportunity to take lots of brontosaurus pictures in interesting

Hope that helps clarify your question.


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