Last Day of Email Evolution Conference

Today was the last day of the Email Evolution Conference. Here are some of the highlights:

  • bronto blog featured at eec conference This morning’s keynote was titled “Bloggers Unite: Passion, Power or People?”. The presenters did a great job — it is clear that they are passionate about blogging and their speaking reflected that. Dylan Boyd of eROI and EmailWars moderated and was very engaging. Matt Blumberg, the CEO of ReturnPath, was also on the panel and probably the one that I most identified with. His comment about blogging as a vehicle to articulate and crystallize his thoughts rang very true and is extremely relevant to my job as CEO, whose main job is to define and communicate strategy and direction. In the spirit of the keynote, here are some of the panelists’ blogs: Dylan Boyd’s EmailWars, Tamara Gielan’s BeRelevant, Chad White’s RetailEmail and Matt Blumberg’s OnlyOnce.
  • big bang presentation at eec 2008At 10, I moderated a session titled “The Big Bang Theory: Targeting for More Effective Results”. We had three presenters — Bill McCloskey of Email Data Source, Casey Kohner of Trek Bikes and me. I went first and briefly set the stage for the session. Soon after, I passed it to Bill to walk through a number of welcome message examples. He did a great job and sent home the message: most marketers, even ones from large brands, are not doing a great job at welcome messages. So, if you do just a few best practices, you’ll be ahead of most everyone. Then, Casey discussed his tweaking of message content related to product launches. Very interesting and compelling — despite our coaxing about it there was no free bike giveaways to the entire audience like on Oprah and Ellen. Can’t help but try! Then, I finished up with abig bang panel at eec 2008 conversation on remailing and sending frequency. There were a fair number of questions so I think that it went well. Hopefully the audience walked away with a number of readily applicable ideas that they can immediately apply to their email marketing campaigns. In case you are curious, you can relive the session with this download of the presentation: eec 2008 – big bang presentation
  • Afterwards, there was lunch, a good conversation with Greg and Tim of ESP Blue Sky, and an insightful session on the future of email marketing.

Overall I thought that the conference was good and provided some solid networking opportunities. There were some kinks and it could be better organized in a few places — not surprising since it’s the conference’s first year. I am hopeful that the EEC will take in the feedback and build off it for an even better conference next year.

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Greg CangialosiMay 3rd, 2008 at 10:38 am

It was good seeing you at the Email Evolution and the Marketing Sherpa events! Keep up the good work.



Thanks! We should catch up sometime soon.


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